The Library of Hellas

Welcome to the Library of Hellas! Some downloads will only be offered for a limited time, while others will remain forever. If a download is limited, it will be put into the Library's Archives on our own webspace later. To access that, we ask for a small donation.

Informational packets are hosted on Mediafire. Just click the name of each packet to download! If you have any trouble downloading the packets, just email (hushicho @ and remove the spaces) and I'll send you the packet personally. Please enjoy the information provided here, to further enrich your experience of my work!

Informational Packets

Information on the Goddess of Love!

Information on the God of Love!

Information on the God of War...or is that Passion?

Information on drama and the theatre at the time of Kallikrates, with free masks for Kallikrates and Kouris that you can make!