Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you sometimes use different spellings for places and names than what I see in books?
I try to use transliterations that are closest to actual ancient Greek names for these places and people, if possible. I want to try and present a world where the reader can feel like he really is in that world. Besides, most Greek names are much easier to pronounce at a glance than the names used in many English books today.
With the names I use, it is usually much easier to figure out how to pronounce them just by looking at them.

Who is...?
I can't reveal all the characters' secrets here, so you'll have to keep reading and find out. As for the gods and heroes and their friends, please read the special information packets I have written!

How do you pronounce...?
Typically you can use the rule that you pronounce every letter, although some are pronounced more quietly than others. Vowels are typically short and not long. "Kallikrates" would be pronounced something like "KAH-lee-krah-tehs" or "kah-lee-KRAH-tehs". In the informational packets that I've done, I was careful to include pronunciations with every name.

When does Kallikrates Elpis take place?
It doesn't take place in any particular time during the classical period. I wanted to be sure to be able to showcase and combine the beautiful trends and fashions of the whole of Greek civilization, so you will see in Kallikrates Elpis that there are many combinations of things that were popular at different times of the civilization's development.

Why ancient Greece?
I think any student can tell you, ancient Greece is a magical, wondrous place. The stories that tell us about it are full of adventure, romance, beauty, and real feeling. Many modern works are influenced by Greek works, and some of them you may recognize are just retellings of ancient Greek stories. Because the Greek world appeals to my heart, I decided that the story should take place there.